| Vinalmont Limestone

The Vinalmont Limestone (Pierres de Meuse), already mined by the Romans, has experienced rapid growth due to the distribution via the water and land roads. Already in the Middle Ages, the Vinalmont stone was used in all the distinguished buildings, even in the Netherlands and Germany. During the Modern Times, extraction has become more intensive and is now also being used intensively at country and town halls in the Meuse valley and of course also for monuments. From the 16th century, the Vinalmont stone is increasingly found together with bricks in a harmonic whole. Over time, the quality of the stone has always been well appreciated in new construction and renovation.

Examples: monasteries, churches and fortified castles of the Meuse valley, Palace of the Princes of Liège, Central Station in Antwerp. Vinalmontsteen has been used during the last 25 years in more than 85 different famous and renowned buildings in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Luxembourg.